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Uzair Farooq

Expert Instructor


From the enriched soil of Pakistan, Uzair Farooq is doing his Master’s degree at the University of Luxembourg. As a Physics student, he firmly believes that in the future everything will rely on IT and Artificial Intelligence. Thus, It is this generation’s responsibility to make the coming generations aware of all those developments. Uzair is passionate about empowering the future and decided to do so by becoming a Kids Life Skills instructor and helping educate kids with these basic but essential skills. He strongly believes this is a two-way process; when teaching, one also learns as well. Uzair took part in Luxembourg Science Festival 2019. There, he managed to break down the toughest laws of Physics for the kids and make it understandable for them.

In his free time, Uzair loves music, playing eastern classical music and traveling around the Globe as part of ANASEA band.

He truly believes that everyone is a genius and creativity flourishes more in kids rather than in adults. Making now the best time to empower our kids by encouraging their creativity and teaching them self-learning, problem-solving and logical thinking, to prosper our future. Because the young generation of today is the generation who will lead the world tomorrow.

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