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  • We don't have a laptop or a tablet. What can we do?
    It is practical if the kids bring their own devices and be able to practice at home in between the sessions but if you need assistance in this regard please contact us and we will arrange a laptop or a tablet for your child for the coding workshop.
  • I can't find the course I am looking for ....
    If you can't find the course you are looking for, if the dates don't work out for you or if you are looking for it in another language - please fill this form and we will get back to you.
  • How many kids are in each group?
    The courses are in small groups of maximum 10 kids.
  • Coding is being implemented in my child's school curriculum this year / my child already participated in another coding lesson in the past. Should my child still join to your Introduction course (Discovery)?
    Kids Life Skills' activities are an introduction and the basis for the topic, if the kids already have some prior knowledge that is great and would allow our instructor to expose them to more advanced content. Please register your child to our Introduction course (Discovery) to have the best basic knowledge. Simply keep us informed so our instructor will have the full scope and will progress with the kids accordingly.
  • Where can I find a full list of all the courses you offer?
    You can find the list of our courses in the page:
  • What kind of laptop or tablets should I bring for my child?
    For ages 4-6, the kids should bring a tablet. You should install Scratch Jr on it. Don't forget to give your child the code for it. Examples: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e T720 Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 26.2 cm SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S3 T820 For ages 7+, the kids should bring a laptop. You should install Scratch on it. Don't forget to give your child the code for it. Examples: HP 17-ca0031ng 17.3 inch HP 17-ca0031ng 17.3 inch HP 250 - 15.6 Inch i5 - 16 GB RAM HP 250 - Silver - 15.6 Inch FHD - Intel Core i5 1035G1 HP 250 - 15.6 Inch i5 - 16 GB RAM - 500 GB SSD
  • What happens if my child missed / will miss one of the lessons?
    In case of missing one of the lessons, it's not ideal but also not critical as the team will revise the curriculum of the previous sessions. In addition, the team will help the child to catch up what they have missed.
  • What is your activities location?
    Our weekend activities are on Sundays at PwC Luxembourg. Our Summer camps during July-September will be at the Forum Campus Geesseknäppchen. For any questions, you can always reach out to us via email: For urgent topics, you can call us / send a WhatsApp to +352 661 998 865
  • Should the parents stay with the kids in class?
    In general, the kids stay in class without the parents. At the ages 4-6, some kids need more time at the first lesson of the course. In this case, we allow the parents to stay till the child feels that the parents can leave.
  • What does STEM stand for?
    Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
  • My child is at the age group of 4-6 at the moment, when can my child move to the older group?
    Once your child turns 7 years old and can read & write (even basically) s/he can join the older group and participate in the courses for ages 7 years old and up. Even if your child already participated in the Introduction course (Discovery) for ages 4-6, once she/he can start the older group age - they should register to the Introduction course (Discovery) for ages 7-10 years old. The Introduction course (Discovery) for ages 7+ is different from the Introduction course (Discovery) for ages 4-6: The kids will start to use laptops (not tablets) The kids will be introduced to Scratch (is different from Scratch Jr in the younger group) The sessions are 3 hours (not 2 hours like in the younger group)
  • I have older kids and they would love to participate in coding courses! Do you have a program for kids 13 years old and up?
    We have classes for 11-13 years old but even older kids can join us. Sometimes, we publish activities for older kids, 14 years old and up. Please feel free to follow our website 😎
  • My child is 10.5 years old. To which age group should I register him?
    The main difference between the groups age 7-10 & 11-13 is the rhythm and speed of the teaching. If you feel that your child is matured to her/his age - register to the older group age. In any case, the instructor will progress with the kids and expose them to more advanced content according to their knowledge and their progress.
  • My child is younger than 4 years old but I think that s/he is mature enough to participate in Kids Life Skills activities. Can I register my child?
    In case that your child is younger than 4 years old and you believe that she/he can participate in a 2 hours activity - please contact us for a 10 minutes meeting so one of our instructors can meet with your child and see if she/he can join us.
  • Which language should we choose for my child?
    All of our instructors and coaches speak English. Many of them also speak French, German and Luxembourgish. For ages 4-6 the kids should speak the workshop language. For ages 7+ the kids should speak the workshop language but they can read and write in another language. As at the Scratch app, you can choose any language that you want. For example: in an English workshop a child can choose to work with French or German in the Scratch app.
  • What are the prices for each course?
    An hour of lesson is 15 Euro. For ages 4-6, each lesson is 2 hours long. For ages 7+, each lesson is 3 hours long. Each course got different number of lessons, you can see the price for each course on the booking page.
  • What is Kids Life Skills reimbursement policy?
    Kids Life Skills will reimburse you in case you are not able to attend the course for medical reasons or other significant matters. Please feel free to contact us.
  • How do I ask for a subsidy?
    Kids Life Skills offer a subsidy program as we would like to make our activities available to as many kids as possible. Please fill out the Subsidies request and we will get back to you via email.
  • Can my child participate in an assessment lesson before registration?
    For insurance purposes we allow participation only after registration for a course. In case that your child doesn't want to continue with the course, we will reimburse you with the relative price of the remaining lessons.
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