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Kids Life Skills a.s.b.l. vermittelt Digitalkompetenz, Programmierkenntnisse und logisches Denken

Der Unterschied zu ähnlichen Angeboten liegt im Konzept, denn bei Kids Life Skills glaubt man daran, dass es sinnvoll ist, den Kindern die Grundlagen der Logik, Algorithmen und Problemlösungskompetenz zunächst durch unterhaltsame, praktische, bildschirmfreie Aktivitäten nahezubringen, bevor sie das Programmieren am Tablet oder Computer kennenlernen.

RTL - 27 Feb 2020

Game of Code Hackathon

"Children from the 7-10 age group and a Kids Life Skills coach, will participate allowing the kids to experience working as a team to face challenges and come together to problem-solve."

RTL - 15 Feb 2020

Kids Life Skills to offer coding classes for kids in PwC Luxembourg Academy

"...the organization will also fulfill one of its major goals of inclusiveness, making class fees affordable for low income families to make sure that every child who is interested can join, enjoy and learn from their activities"

DELANO - 12 Feb 2020


"Kids Life Skills offers programmes in English, Luxembourgish and French for young people aged 4-10 to learn to code. Classes are hosted at PwC in the Cloche d’Or. There is also a drop-in service on Sundays when young people can get help on a project or ask questions."

The - 12 Sep 2019

Registrations Open for Kids Life Skills Coding Classes

"Kids Life Skills... has announced the dates of its upcoming English- and Luxembourgish-language coding classes."

NEXTEN.IO Community - 18 Dec 2019

A look at Makerfest - hands-on learning and discovery for kids

"...The ultimate goal of the makerspaces and the Makerfest is to let children discover new types of careers that incorporate digital skills, in a hands-on way..."

NEXTEN.IO Community -  11 Jul 2019 

Investing in the next generation of tech talent: Kids Life Skills
"We were very impressed by their passion and vision, and the way that they teach the core concepts without screens, only introducing laptops once kids have had the chance to understand and practice using logic and algorithms."

Digital Luxembourg - 12 Sep 2019

kids life skills now offering classes in luxembourgish

"...Launched in December 2018 with the aim of teaching children the key technical and life skills they will likely need to become successful in the tech-heavy future."


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