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Stuart Walker

Expert Instructor


Stuart Walker is an Expert Instructor. His career in chemical engineering brought him to Luxembourg in 2013. with his family, previous to that he lived and worked in Cumbria the North West of England and for many years developed the detergent products you use in your homes.

His enthusiasm for computers started at a young age, getting his first machine in 1980 at the age of 12 – the Sinclair ZX80 with a massive 16K of RAM! While his career choice took him into the chemical industry he maintained a sideline in computers and programming and recently completed a certification in web development. He joined Kids Life Skills in 2019 after attending lessons along with his daughter and was impressed with the skills the kids were gaining and the enthusiasm they showed for the material.

Stuart lives in Luxembourg with his wife and three daughters, the elder two currently studying at university in England. The youngest daughter attends primary school in Luxembourg and is still a keen KLS student. When he is not working or teaching coding to kids Stuart likes to indulge his outdoor enthusiasm of road cycling, hiking and skiing.

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