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Ronen Even Tzur

Founder & Lead Instructor


A veteran FinTech entrepreneur with vast experience in the field of algorithmic trading, trading strategies, financial trading systems - specializing in execution logic and liquidity. Game theory, solving puzzles and logical challenges are some of his hobbies. Ronen is a vegetarian since the age of 15, as a teenager, he also volunteered for 3 years at the Israel S.P.C.A (the Israeli Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). As a teenager Ronen was very active in a local youth group in Israel, where he also guided kids ages 10-13, In addition, he also served as a guide in summer camps, and later on, after his military service, had been guiding groups of teenagers coming to visit Israel for 2-4 weeks as part of the "Israel experience" project. Ronen has served in the past as the president of the Alumni Association of the Citi group Accelerator program in Tel-Aviv, Israel, aiding and consulting start-ups entrepreneurs - which he still does to this day on a sporadic basis. Ronen is married and has moved with his wife and 2 kids from Israel to Luxembourg in September 2016, in order to work on a unique algorithmic trading project. In January 2018 had his 3rd child born, and in December 2018 had established 'Kids Life Skills'.


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