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Empowering Minds Changing Future

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STEM for Kids

because the right time to enroll is now.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

We aim to help prepare our children for their future
by giving them the skills they have to master in an increasingly digital world regardless of the professional path they may choose.

Logical Thinking & Autonomous Learning

Independent logical thinking and autonomous learning are extremely important because they allow a young person to adapt to the challenges they come across.

Coding represents the perfect combination of such fundamental skills while pushing creativity and co-operation to a whole new level.

We focus on teaching these skills to our children in a fun and engaging way ensuring a positive technological experience.

Our programs

Open for teachers
Teaching teachers

Expending the fun

Are you a curious teacher?
Ask for our computational thinking and coding workshops for teachers! Open to all schools!
Intro series -4 sessions x 3 hours
For National schools - this program is in collaboration with IFEN.

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Open for schools
School Workshops

We bring you the fun

Ask us to do an introductory workshop series for a class or school, our instructors are happy to bring you the fun! 
Intro series -4 sessions x 3 hours
This program is in collaboration with SCRIPT

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Open for the public 
Kids Workshops

Teaching kids 4-13 

Weekend workshops for kids.
Open to the public
for 4-13 years old children. 

For low-income families subsidies available with the support of FNR and Digital Luxembourg. 

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Our partners and supporters


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