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Damien Schreurs

Lead Instructor


Damien Schreurs bought his first computer in 1988 and learned Basic programming right away. Since then, he’s fascinated by technology and how it can help us be more productive, creative and connected at the same time.

After graduating as a Physicist Engineer in 1997, he worked on virtual simulations for a well-known tire manufacturer in their R&D facility located in Colmar-Berg. There, he self-taught on using Python for scientific applications and further improved his Matlab and Excel skills. After a few years, he started teaching newcomers and his peers about tire simulation tools & techniques and later on joined the team who develops the software behind those virtual experiments.

In 2013, Damien founded EasyTECH, an IT training & consulting company specialised on Apple products & services. He’s helping mostly professionals be more productive and secure on their iPhone, iPad and Mac, so they can spend more time on their business and less time worrying about tech.

In 2017 and 2018, Damien organised iPad coding camps for children aged 5 to 12 during the school holidays. Overall, he ran 9 series of workshops during which he taught kids how to create games, stories and animations on their iPad using ScratchJr and Tynker. Such a lot of fun seeing kids get creative, help one another find and squash bugs in their code and then proudly show their very own creations to their parents.

Since October 2019, Damien has joined KidsLifeSkills where he’s teaching children logic, problem-solving and coding, as well as leading training courses to new instructors and primary school teachers.

Damien is Belgian, married and proud father of two daughters that are about to enter their teenage years.

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