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For low-income families, we offer financial support.
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Support the kids of low-income families to be able to take part of our activities.

Pricing table

Practical information to know

  • Please note that each child enrolling in our program has to commit to taking part in all 4 basic introductory workshops in order to proceed to the advanced workshops.

  • (4-6 ) The smaller kids have 2-hour workshops 4 Sundays in a row.

  • (7-10,11-13) The bigger kids have 3-hour workshops 4 Sundays in a row.

  • Payment for weekly classes should be made via bank transfer after online registration.

  • The course fees do not include optional external sensors and devices.

  • Subsidies are now available for low-income families! Click here for details. 
    Supported by the Luxembourg National research fund (FNR), Digital Luxembourg.


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We aim to help prepare your child for their future to give them the best odds in an increasingly digital world.