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Who we are


Prepare kids worldwide to the tech heavy future. Giving them the advantage to better their future no matter the profession they may choose. By empowering them and helping them develop the most essential soft skills and digital skills.


We would like to make it possible to every child on the planet to have a stable base of innovative technology education to give them the best odds in an increasingly digital world.

Logical Thinking

Problem solving

Team Work

Self Learning


by coding & play



Devotion to Education
by empowering

Curiosity and Creativity
through Fun.

What we do

Our partners

Supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)

Digital Luxembourg supports initiatives that strengthen our mission of transformation through digitalization. By officially endorsing them, we hope to bring visibility and credibility to their endeavours. In certain cases, we also make strategic financial contributions. As a high-level initiative with a flexible approach to support, we are perfectly positioned to aid a wide spectrum of projects.

nexten.io, Luxembourg's leading platform for tech jobs, approached us because in addition to connecting tech talent with hiring companies, they are also building a community for developers in Luxembourg. They believe that investing in children's education is important to inspire the next generation of local tech talent. 

The LHoFT Foundation is a public - private sector initiative that drives technology innovation for Luxembourg’s financial services industry.

What we do

We teach kids ages 4-13 the skills they need to be successful in the
tech-focused future.

Logical Thinking

Problem solving

Team Work

Self Learning


by coding & play


No prior special coding knowledge is required!

Our courses are fun, engaging and stimulating with hands-on games and activities
that teach the concepts behind coding.

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Our programs

Teaching kids 4-13 

Our main area is teaching kids from the age of 4 to 13 with fun hands-on activities. 

Less is More

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Lemon Detox

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Hands-on activities

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Sunday workshops

For children ages 4-13

Small groups

available 2021 spring
Introduction workshop series
(4 workshops - 4 Sundays in a row)

English, French, Luxembourgish


4 x 2h 
4 x 3h
4 x 3h
100 euro
150 euro
150 euro

* Don't worry about the price!
We would like to make this education available to as many kids as possible.
Financial help available - check our subsidy options

* * Don't have a device? Don't worry!
It is practical if the kids bring their own devices, but
if you need assistance in this regards please contact us and we will arrange a device for your child for the coding workshop.



Parent of our student

“I like that it is forward looking for the kids future careers but still fun at the same time. ” 


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Frequently asked questions

Age groups

When can a child join to the 7-10 age group?

To register for the 7-10 age group, your child must be 7 years old on September 1st, the year of subscribtion or (graduate of first grade/cycle 2.1).

As this age group uses Scratch for the programming workshops, it is nessasary that your child can read and write in the language of the workshop.


When and how do I pay for the workshops?

Payment for weekly workshops should be made via bank transfer after online registration.

Tech-Gadgets we recommend

What kind of tablets and laptops do you recommend to bring to the workshops?

Click here to see the recommended gadgets.

What kind of coding robots do you recommend to buy for home use?

Click here to see our recommended robots.

Who can register?

What kind of knowladge the introduction workshop series requires?

Our introduction workshop series doenst require special coding knowadge. The aim of the workshop series is to introduce the logic of coding in a fun way with hands on activities.

Communication in the language of the workshop (Group) is the only reqirement for all kids.

7+ age groups are using their reading and writting skills on the coding workshops.

If the child is not yet illitarate in the given languages (English, French or Luxembourgish) we are happy to have them in our 4-6 age group.


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9, rue du Laboratoire
L-​1911 Luxembourg

E-mail address:

Phone number: 
+352 661 99 88 65


We aim to help prepare your child for their future to give them the best odds in an increasingly digital world.